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Mitigating Risk

Risk is always a key factor in any project, so allow our Senior Project Manager Vanessa to outline some of the things to watch out for!

Hitting your Timeline

After reviewing budget and scope the third factor in your project would be "Hitting Your Timeline" Drupal Connect Director of User Experience & Senior Project Manager Vanessa shares how to stay on tra

Managing Scope

The second most important aspect of your Drupal Connect web development project is to manage the scope.

Controlling Budget

Our Senior Project Manager & Director of User Experience Vanessa reviews the ins and outs of controlling your projects budget.

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Commerce Guys and Drupal Connect Partnership

Leading Drupal Agencies Join Forces to Drive eCommerce Value

Commerce Guys and Drupal Connect form Strategic Partnership around Drupal Commerce and Hosting Thursday, January 15, 2015 -- For...

Free Usability Study Checklists PDF Download

User Testing Your Drupal Administration Process

Why do we study usability?  The answer is simple - to save MONEY.  Usability testing assesses users’ ability to use the site features efficiently,...

Drupal Real-Time Dashboard with Node.js

Building real-time features into Drupal is now easier than ever with the integration of the Node.js module. The Node.js module provides an API for...

Programming RESTful Endpoints to Accept POST in Drupal

Programming RESTful Endpoints to Accept POST in Drupal

Expanding on Drupal to accept data from other sources is key to building a viable business solution. Most modern applications integrate data from...